Is it extremely truthful to Download Clash of Clans on Windows Phone devices by now. I feel all we all know evidently is that he’s fifth stratified in his clan, the rankings on the opposite facet of the war map square measure immaterial. He may be a th7 assaultive into TH8s. we do not understand the war was balanced in any manner. we have a tendency to ignore these rankings in my tribe as a result of they’re senseless. Our 2-4 square measure nearly identical (max TH8) and 5-9 all use Clash of Clans three drags. If our nine eliminates their seven and our five eliminates their nine there’s no shame for assaultive “lower”, they each have constant potential.

Farming must be fantastic here. Inactive bases left and right. I child you are using Windows Phone 10, I realize one mil raids perhaps each twenty some nexts. Found some bases with over one million gold likewise.
As for stories, last night I found 2 TH7 bases in a very row- each from savage seven. One was price five trophies and therefore the alternative was one.

Clash of Clans on Windows Phone

And boosting, I used Android devices before, generally half dozen boosts daily with Windows Phone Lumia. Clash of Clans comes to life at 10AM, boost til four, get taken off, resume at five, then boost til 11ish. No filing? certain, however it’s however I selected to create it over here and it worked.

Basically went like playing Clash of Clans and other games on Windows Phone square measure progressing into the last GB spot and that i got to get my heal down as a result of skellies square measure on their ass and there is still a Tesla and some cannon’s up, therefore I faucet the world. Nothing happens. Panicking a trifle, I make certain heals square measure elite then simply begin aiming to city sound the world. At this time i do not even care if no defenses square measure lined, if my hogs revisit to grievous bodily harm health the raid could be a 3* as a result of they’ll survive a GB and there is 12+ of them. Nope, GB bangs, heal drops (finally) however not before seven some square measure picked off by the Cannon. You may drop my last heal as a result of the sole factor left is half dozen some adept wrapping round the base.

I’ve positively detected plenty of complaints concerning it, however in person i have not had any issues.. i feel it’s as a result of i invariably out of habit aimed for the highest right of the icon (where the – sign is within the army Army in game).

I know that before this update for Windows Phone from Supercell may press anyplace on the icon, instead of specifically on it very little – sign, to clear the troops, and currently that does not work any longer.. therefore I’m wondering if that is the same factor as once choosing assaultive troops
We’re simply doing it to mess with you, dude. At the last international Clash of Clans conference a bunch people got along and aforesaid, “you know, let’s all snipe our phones’ Town Hall then simply to fuck with him slightly let’s destroy his dark barracks likewise.” that is what happens once you do not show up at those conferences, type of like being the primary guy to pass out at a celebration. think about your dark barracks being destroyed because the digital equivalent of somebody drawing a dick pic on your forehead with a sharpie!